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This is the place I use introduce my novels, test new Story and Book ideas,
publish some of my articles and generally just have some fun when I am not
doing my Ernest Hemingway impression at the nearest watering hole searching for the bottom of the best bottle of Scotch on the shelf that doesn’t require mortgage refinancing.


    I may not possess Hemmingway’s writing fame or skills,
however I more than rival his ability to observe and imbibe plus manage to avoid a DUI by traveling by boat. By participating in these activities I also spend quite a lot of time experiencing life’s oddities, intricacies and natural beauty; as well as being a spectator to the peculiarities of people. Yes, you all have them, and you are all, in many ways, quite entertaining.

These little perceptions & observations are the catalysts I employ and toy with in my work. As an example, many of the
characters in my first two novels, THE SHOPKEEPER and it’s sequel THE RIVER KINGS are all composites of real people that I know.

Some were friends and loved ones, a number were merely acquaintances that in someway made their presence memorable, while still others were loathsome individuals you just can’t forget.

Some Characters you just can’t make up.

Many of the almost unbelievable situations that “just must be conjured” filling the plot lines of my work are indeed true to life. Whether I have experienced these circumstances and events myself or discovered through them some salacious piece of gossip that was proven genuine.

Yes I take a bit of license as any good Author is obliged to do and my imagination, if left unbridled, can go pretty far but; 

This Is Where The Stories Begin.

 “Most of my story concepts are derived from being on the water and a lot of my writing is accomplished while being onboard this baby.”

The Green Ghost

The Remote Writing Room


The Works below are the a result of those inspirations 

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The River Kings

The River Kings

A Thrilling Adventure Sequel to The Shopkeeper

In Ebook and Paperback


The Reverie of Jedadiah

Click Here to Find Out More About this New Romance Novella

Available in All Digital Formats


 Paperback  Here or at Amazon


A Newly Released Sequel to The Reverie of Jedadiah


Anna’s Vestige

Also Available in all

EBook digital formats and Paperback


And for Christmas
Cover PIc


Pearl paperback BookCoverPAPERBACK EDITION $8.89

 The Christmas Crusader is the story of a tiny squirrel named Pearl,

telling her true life struggle to survive and how a squirrel

learns to be a member of a family. As she grows Pearl receives

a magical assignment and discovers

the wonders of Christmas.   

Writer Quick Bio

Stephen Michael Natale, a long time Lake County, Florida resident, is a former Construction Manager, avid Bass fisherman and outdoorsman enjoying what he calls, “the beer commercial” lifestyle of Central Florida.

Stephen’s technical savvy, forays on the waterways of Florida and a vivid creativity are catalysts he employs in his writing, crafting an enthralling style influenced by favorite authors Dean Koontz and Clive Cussler. His first Novel opened to 5 STAR reviews and his subsequent books, released in the fall of 2013,  are garnering  even more excitement and acclaim from readers.

Stephen has published many articles in both print and on the Internet covering a wide range of topics and interests applying wit, humor, sarcasm and an incising critical eye that is evident in all his works.


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As introduced in The Reverie of Jedadiah


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