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Anna’s Vestige

Written By: S. M. Natale




but were left pondering what may have become of Kendra,

you’re not alone. 

By the requests of many longing for more,

the rest of Kendra’s story unfolds in


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Kendra Cartwright longed to find a new center for her life without falling into the pit of self-destruction. She was twenty-six and totally lost.

Everything Kendra loved and dreamed was taken from her…all a result of harsh fates not of her seeding. She held tightly to one small glimmer of optimism, a hope only sustained by a reoccurring dream.

Robert Weinstein and his wife fled California in the wake of crushing bereavement. In Florida they hope to conquer grief and perhaps rekindle their romance obscured by decades of marital duty and mistakes.

A chance meeting with a troubled, but extremely talented young woman alters their aspirations in ways they could never have foreseen. An intimate link Robert and this young lady share unveils a revelation shifting the very underpinnings of their Florida retreat. Within their shared secret, a gift of miraculous joy is found hidden within tragedy.

If you reveled in Anna and Jed’s reverie, Visit Kendra’s life in Anna’s Vestige

Sorry if you were looking to read a sample,

We just  can’t give you more,

without giving away the ending of


Or Spoiling What Comes Next

Music is also an important part of


Just as within The Reverie of Jedadiah, music is an important part of Anna’s Vestige as it is within many of our lives and loves. Music can touch our hearts, move our emotions and even open our eyes to the wonders held within. Though only by hearing it, can it work its magic… and be felt. Below you can listen to the music as I heard it while writing Anna’s Vestige.


Just click on any title and the music should play through your media player

There You’ll Be

By Faith Hill ~From the Movie Pearl Harbor

All I Ask of You

By Patrick Wilson & Emmy Rossum from Phantom of the Opera

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again  

By Emmy Rossum also from Phantom of the Opera

Tough Lover

By Christina Aguilera From the Movie Burlesque

Lets Give Them Something To Talk About

By Bonnie Rait 


By Alicia Keys

Vision of Love

By Mariah Cary

Chain of Fools 

By Aretha Franklin

Cowboy Casanova 

By Carrie Underwoood

Just the Way You Are 

By Bruno Mars

It is our hope you enjoy the story, the music deepens its meaning

and that you may discover musical works previously unknown to you.

Though music within the book is available in the public domain and provided here as a courtesy

I heartily encourage you to support the artists, songwriters and producers of these marvelous works in their endeavors


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