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Pearl The Squirrel

Written By: S. M. Natale

Pearl paperback BookCover

Pearl is a real life squirrel found in a downspout after the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac in 2012. Her story of survival is the basis for a new children’s book that offers lessons of Family responsibility and tradition.

Pearl’s story is presented without religious or secular opinion and devoid of the political and social agendas so pervasive in schools today. The most intriguing aspect of this story’s lessons is it lays out a platform that will prompt questions from children, giving parents and grandparents an opportunity to instill and define their own family values, customs, and traditions. 

This book is intended to be read to children, so the questions it prompts from children can be answered within the framework of the story models as they apply to your family’s morals, ethics and creeds at home and not through societal initiation or governmental indoctrination.

 The lessons within address:

Christmas  Holiday  Traditions

Work Ethic and Chores

School Work

Fortitude and Integrity

Family Love and Caring

Differences of Excuses and Reasons 





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Pearl paperback BookCover



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