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Readytoescape Magazine is divided in Thee Sections

New This Month     Readytoescape    Op/ED



THE DMV Claims My Best Friend No Longer Exists

 5 Events on Nobody’s 2012 List

Reflections of A Redneck Birthday

Fishers of Men – A Humorous View

Crime School Opening On The Net

Have Employers Lost Their Minds

Did We Miss It

Home Accumulation Liquidation & Merchandising

   SS6How About Some Holiday Humor

The Holidays In Florida

 Fortune of the Bayberries

You Have to Love A Collector~ Department 56 Chrismas Villages

New Resolutions

Or Something Heartwarming

The Santa Suit Parts 1 & 2

Destiny’s Story  (This Was My First Published Cover Article)

The above link will take you to the Summer 2009 Issue of Pet Planet Magazine Archive, the story is on Page 28 of the magazine.

Where Warriors Come From

How About Some Useful Tips 

Disney World, Dress Code for the Parks

Gun Carrying For Women

Emergency Power Cheap


Higher Standard

What Really Matters

Notable Oversight

As List That Should Not Exist


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