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   Sometimes Love is in Another Place

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They were as far apart as a man standing on a beach is from the moon, and like the moon he could see her luminosity, yet she possessed no perception of the man on the beach or the tides within him she influenced.

Anna Holloway is a Star at the highest zenith. Anna’s extraordinary talent and unparalleled beauty have driven her to a career as one of the most sought after actresses in the world. Anna’s fame and fortune know no bounds, but she is coming to realize she is a prisoner, locked in a tower called celebrity. Cloistered behind iron gates and strong armed security, all sealing her away, preventing her from reaching her real dream, love.

Florida Author Jed Cartwright, hit the writer’s lottery with a blockbuster book, and Hollywood is clamoring to reap a cash bonanza adapting his novel to film. Jed has his reservations about selling the rights… and revealing his inspiration, Anna Holloway. He buried his heart and soul within the pages of the story, now his writer’s muse is coming to meet him to research the character he brought to life in her image ….and to him Anna Holloway’s arrival is the moon falling to earth.



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Music can touch our hearts, move our emotions and even open our eyes to their wonders.

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The Point Of No Return- Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum

Delbert McClinton – Roadhouse Blues

Joe Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat On

Journey – Loving, Touching, Squeezing

Love Can Build a Bridge

Def Leopard – Pour Some Sugar On Me(1)

Hold on To The Night ~ Richard Marx

Etta James – At Last

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Chancing  Olympus   {From Chapter Two}

Jed had no idea what to do or what to expect. The moon was falling into his backyard and he was overwhelmed by the tides. Anna Holloway was coming to meet him to research the character she agreed to play after reading his book, but she refused to ink a deal until she knew more about the character and the writer. The part, if played as written in the book, would require new levels of performance the actress informed everyone she was unsure if she wanted to do. Her commitment to the project hinged upon the writer meeting with her. She was made aware of his contractual insistences, so this meeting was the crux of the entire project. 

When Jed entered the sale of the movie rights to his book he insisted on two clauses in the contract before the deal could be consummated. He must be included in the script adaptation of his work with as much creative control as the director and he must have influence in the major cast selection. The executive producers knew he was serious when he walked out of their first formal meeting leaving his lawyer and two and a half million dollars on the table.

Everyone on the project then knew Anna Holloway was his only choice for Kaitlin. The project would begin with that supposition and only proceeded to this point with Anna’s preliminary interest. Everyone on the Hollywood side of the table also knew the movie rights and the hundreds of millions of box office dollars would walk if this meeting did not go well. They also were well aware this writer was not star struck by the glitz and glamor they offered. To say Cartwright was difficult for them to manage, was to say the man breathed air.

The initial meeting was to be held on a Tuesday the 17th at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando. So far this location was the only concession made by the writer. His chosen meeting place was a small bar and grill that was used as a locale in the book, an hour’s drive away from accommodations the Hollywood elite were accustomed to.

Jed walked into the lobby an hour before their two-o-clock meeting was scheduled sauntering to the bar. He ordered a scotch on the rocks from a bartender that served him with a look of disdain. Apparently his appearance in faded jeans, worn western boots and a vented short sleeved fishing shirt did not suit her vision of a Peabody guest.

Scanning the environment with his observer’s eye he supposed the bartender may have been right in her appraisal, this was a place he did not belong. Nothing about it felt comfortable or even slightly inviting. Then again, perhaps it was just him, and the force of lunar gravity pulling him towards an inevitable hurt.

Ordering his second drink, the lobby began to buzz as two long limousines pulled up out front and the glitter of Hollywood entered. He felt his stomach drop as his lawyer clapped him on the back.

“Well Jed, are you ready?”

As his attorney spoke Anna Holloway was being escorted across the lobby towards the elevators. Her hair was pulled up in a loose ponytail, she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt as if she was just any girl walking through a mall, except for her smile. It was brighter and hotter than the sun.

Jed looked at his cell phone noting Anna’s arrival at 1:10 and their meeting was still fifty minutes away, “Nope,” he said draining his glass, “I’ll have another.”

“Jed are there any more sticking points to executing the contract? If there are I’m going to go work them out right now before the meeting starts. They have conceded to your major points though Miss Holloway is now requiring scene approval. I believe it has something to do with the nudity clauses in her contract and the use of body doubles.”

“That is not an issue for me as long as the integrity of the storylines and the emotional impacts stay in place. Though that may have to wait until after I answer her questions about the character, that’s why she’s here right? But do tell them this; it is to be a private meeting.”

“Jed they brought the whole executive team, the screen writers and their location producers, they’re looking for a lot more.”

“That’s fine, I’m willing to meet with them on all of that, but I don’t sign until after all Miss Holloway’s questions are answered to her satisfaction and she also agrees to sign. Make sure they are clear on that.”

“Jed, you’re making this deal harder than it has to be.”

“I know, but I have my reasons…and they are not for discussion; not with them anyway, or you… And just for the record, I can walk away from this right now. It is just not that important to me.”

At ten minutes until two-o-clock Jed’s lawyer came to get him and led him to a large conference room, too large really for this meeting. The room was cavernous. Two chairs were set in the middle of the room and a large u-shaped table was at the other end. The entire production staff was seated at the table waiting for his arrival and Miss Holloway’s.

After being introduced to the entire group, he was handed a preliminary script to review. The expression on his face demonstrated he was not pleased.

The senior executive producer stood welcoming everyone and ending with, “We are pretty pleased with this Jed, can we start a read through?”

Jed had wandered towards a pillar in the room and was leaning against it flipping through the pages.

His answer was short and to the point, “No.”

Then he moved to the table, laid down the script and walked out of the room leaving everyone dumbfounded. As he was crossing the lobby towards the exit he heard a clicking of high heels behind him.

“Well that was impressive.”

When he turned to the voice he realized every word he wrote inspired by Anna Holloway was inadequate. The cameras lied to him. Or, like the words he employed, just incapable of capturing the trueness of her.

“You really don’t care do you?”

He was in awe of her appearance. Not her stardom or her celebrity. It was the woman. She was wearing a simple sundress, with waves of chestnut hair floating over her shoulders, and she was overwhelming.

“Actually I do, probably too much. But for reasons they will never understand. I’d rather walkway.”

She held out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Anna, you’re Jedadiah Cartwright aren’t you?”

He took her hand and the pang his heart felt the first day he saw her picture hammered it flat, “Yes, I am.”

She held out her copy of the script. Written across it in big red letters was, ‘NOT LIKE THE BOOK’

“I was about to tell them the same thing. You beat me to it.” Then she smiled saying almost teasingly, “You owe me… I’m the star,” then laughing, “you stole my spotlight.”

Jed didn’t know what to say.

She saw him hesitate and asked, “Can I buy you a drink? I’d love to talk about the book.”

“Sure, but let me buy. I dragged you all the way to Florida, apparently for no reason. I probably owe you that too.”

Anna turned to one of her assistants or security people and ordered, “Take this into them and tell them not to bother us.”

Anna took a small step back to look at the man in front of her. She had no concept of what to really expect when she met with the writer called Jedadiah Cartwright. His author profile did not include a photograph and the writing style, combined with emotions in the book gave her a completely different mental picture of the man. This guy was rugged and hard, he looked like the Marlboro man lost his gig and was now modeling for Hawaiian Tropics or Bass Pro.

Anna was having a hard time reconciling the concepts and emotions conveyed in the book to the roughhewn man now holding her hand and escorting her to the bar. She was even surprised she was spurred to offering him her hand to walk; it was the most forward she had ever been with anyone. Yet there was something very familiar about Jedadiah Cartwright, something she felt deep inside her she couldn’t define or identify.

Returning to the lobby bar, the bartender’s shocked expression that the man she earlier treated with distain was now in the company of Anna Holloway brought Jed back to reality. Two realities really; one, that his wish of meeting her came true, and the second, he was still a man standing on the beach looking up at the moon.

As the bartender was preparing their drinks Anna inquired, “Jedadiah, I just have to ask this question and I know it will sound a little vain, but just answer it for me?”

He advised, “Please just Jed, and I will if I can.”

“First let me say I loved the book. The story is incredibly good, I read it three times. It is the only reason I am considering doing the film.” Anna put her hands in her lap and her tone changed to almost a whisper, “There is a rumor on the internet floating around about your book, and I just want to know if there is any truth to it?”

“Which one? That a lot of the scenes in the book are true, or that it was written for you?”

She bit her lip, appearing to be rethinking how she wanted to phrase the question, “Both I guess.”

“Well, yes the first rumor is mostly true. Many of the scenes in the book are…how did Sargent Friday say it?”

She volunteered, “The names have been changed but stories are true.”

He just smiled at her, “The second, do you really want the truth?

“Yes Jed I do, but for a reason I’ll keep to myself. It is also probably not what you think.”

 “Okay the truth. There is a photograph of you taken at the Oscars, it’s a simple headshot of you looking up at something that caught your attention and made you smile. That one picture inspired the character of Kaitlin, but I just a minute ago realized it is not accurate, every word I wrote is completely inadequate and deficient. The written language does not offer a writer the use of words to describe the woman I am now seeing.”

She took a sip of her wine and he saw a flash of something he couldn’t define brighten her eyes.

“Wow… That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, thank you. So you did write this for me? No wonder I loved it so much.”

“Well truthfully, I didn’t write it for you, however you were my model for Kaitlin. Not your performances, though you’re great. The model I used mostly was what I perceived as the real Anna Holloway. The unscripted you. The one you let slip from control during interviews with a witty remark, or in an expression of reaction to an off the wall question or comment. I hope that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Actually in a way maybe it does, but not about you. I am quite flattered and considerably impressed by what you wrote; but it’s like the real me I see in the mirror is out there and I’m not sure I want anyone else to know that Anna.”

She bit her lip again and asked, “Will you do me a favor…if anyone ever asks you, will you deny it?”

“Anna why do you think I just walked out of the meeting? It was to protect what they want to exploit. I won’t allow that to happen and it is why I haven’t signed the deal.”

Anna was stunned. She sat back in her bar stool and tried to figure out the man in front of her. He had two and a half million dollars sitting on the table and he was willingly walking away from it to protect her honor and privacy. In her world, integrity never got that far off the ground. Jedadiah Cartwright was a solitary man.

Anna asked him, “Jed I don’t understand why you would do that, most writers would kill to sell their stories, especially for what they are offering you?”

He answered her, “Anna every story I write, I fall in love a little bit. If you’ve read any of my other work, with your creative and artistic background you probably know I worship your gender and the women that become my heroines are examples of my greatest loves.”

He looked down at his boots and admitted, “This work goes beyond that.”

Anna was beginning to attract attention in the lobby so she suggested they go out to the pool bar. As they were walking towards the pool Jed’s attorney intercepted them.

“Anna this is Jeff, my attorney.”

“Good afternoon Miss Holloway, it is a distinct pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you Jeff, I’m happy to meet you.”

“Well, you two have them all in a panic right now. Jed, can we talk a minute?”

“Go ahead Jeff, whatever you have to say concerns Miss Holloway as well.”

“You’re blowing this. They’re about to walk away or so they say, it is probably a ploy to get me to pressure you into signing, but I have to tell you.”

Anna responded before Jed could reply, “It is a ploy. They will never walk away from this, the potential is too great. Jed the only thing you and I have to consider, beyond making the book into a movie, is timing. Right now you are red hot and they really want to capitalize on that by making an announcement. That’s the real reason behind the big room; they’re planning a huge press conference.”

“Jeff let them stew in it a while. Miss Holloway and I still have a lot of talking to do, and right now I don’t think Anna is ready to make her decision whether or not to even play the part. I walked out because they’re jumping the gun. Tell them that, but you can also tell them I understand why.”

“Jed I have an idea, Jeff how much of a firestorm would it create if I buy the movie rights?”

“Miss you would have to contact your attorneys about that, I don’t know what impact it would have on your agreements, however from our perspective; we are not bound in any way to sell at all.”

“Good let’s turn them on their ears,” and she held out her cell phone showing Jeff the screen, “call Mr. Weinstein at this number and discuss with him our options. Jed, are you comfortable with that?”

“That’s a lot of money Anna, for a project you might not even want to do. I’ll agree only if there is a buy back provision if we decide not to proceed.”

Anna put out her hand and stated flatly, “Deal.”

“Jeff, if you and Miss Holloway’s attorneys can work this all out without any impact to her, place the proceeds in your escrow account to guarantee the buyback clause, and Jeff reduce the price.”

Authoritatively she countered, “No Jeff, you leave the price right where it is, and put in every other clause Jed wanted in the agreement. I’m not just being magnanimous here. I just made myself an executive producer. I’ll pull two paychecks if we decide to make the film.”

Jed was considerably impressed with Anna’s business savvy and realized in one fell swoop she would basically wrest complete creative control of the project into her hands. Beautiful and smart.

Out on the pool deck Jed and Anna sat at a patio table well away from anyone else. He was admiring the curve of her face and the subtleness of her delicate beauty. He was trying to rewrite a description of her in his mind and his vocabulary failed him. Every adjective or phrase paled into insignificance.

When their drinks arrived he said, “That was pretty smart Anna.”

“Not really, my attorney has been advising me to do that for a while. I was just waiting for the right project.”

“So you want to do this part?”

“Yes …and no. I still have a few concerns, which is why I wanted to meet you. Your book has some pretty erotic scenes that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with. But then again having read the book they are also pretty essential. I’m not a prude, but I also don’t want pictures of me all over the internet. There are already scads of fakes my agents and attorneys are constantly working to eradicate.”

He smiled, “I’ve seen them, sorry, the search engines are unforgiving. I will say, as photogenic as you are, no camera really does you justice.”

“Are you always full of compliments or are you hitting on me?” she asked with a mischievous lilt to her voice.

“I’m just telling you the truth as I see it. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. If I was hitting on you I’d say something like, Helen of Troy is storming around Mount Olympus right now breaking all her mirrors out of jealousy.”

Jed smiled even more broadly and added, “Can’t you hear the glass shattering? I can.”

She laughed, “That would work.”

“Okay than, consider yourself aptly hit on, would you like to be introduced to Kaitlin’s world?”

“Yes that’s why I came.”

“Well we can’t do it here, how long are you in town?”

“I have to fly to New York on Monday. I start on the talk show circuit Tuesday.”

“Are you an early riser?”

“I can be.”

“How about I pick you up here at four AM then?”

“Kaitlin starts her day early.”

“Actually, I want you to see her sunrise.”

Chapter Three

‘Morning in Gold’

As in all his books, the Author’s stories are set in real places. The dazzling photo above was taken early one morning on the Harris Chain of Lakes, the setting for Chapter Three. Unfortunately because of the limitations of the camera used, it does not quite capture the natural magic of the real event as it dawns around you when you’re on the water. To fully relish what this captivating experience is like and appreciate its enveloping affect continue reading at Chapter Three a ‘Morning in Gold’


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